Our online shop is currently closed but you can find a whole collection of Glass Elements at The Handmade Showroom in downtown Seattle!

10 Years of Glass Elements—and what comes next

10 years.

Can you believe it?

I started my Glass Elements Etsy shop ten years ago, way back in November, 2008. I never imagined how it would grow, how my work would evolve, how many places I’d get to see and all the wonderful people I would meet along the way.

People like you! Glass Elements isn’t just about the art—it’s always been about people who are modern, colorful, and unique. You’ve inspired me, and I feel so lucky that we connected on Etsy, on my Facebook Page, and at art shows and festivals across the country.

Glass Elements over the years! With the generous help of family & friends, I was able to bring Glass Elements to both coasts and to Vancouver, Canada!
The past 10 years have been such an incredible ride. But it’s time for this particular ride to stop for a bit, so that I can hop out and go on another adventure.
Jonathon and I and #bestdogever are moving to Dublin, Ireland!
Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland.   

Jonathon’s already there, working at his new job, and finding the perfect home for our family. Prim and I are getting our house all sorted and will join him in early 2019.

So what does this mean for Glass Elements?

I’m putting it on pause. I won’t be bringing my studio, equipment, or supplies with me, and I’m not sure where I’ll land creatively when I’m settled in Dublin.
So if you’ve ever wanted Glass Elements jewelry — the time to buy is now!  
(and if you’re reading this in Dublin, I’d love to meet you and learn more about artists working in the area)
Thanks for your amazing support over the past ten years. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings!


  • So proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. Looking forward to whatever comes next in Ireland!

    Jonathon D Colman
  • Ireland has a fantastic glass scene waiting for you to explore it. I studied glass in Dublin and started my glass business back in Co.Derry 20 years ago. Enjoy the new chapter in your life xx

    Natasha Duddy
  • You have definetly, brought smile’s to people with your beautiful jewelry. I enjoyed the show we were at with you in CT, and at the Wine Tasting, even when you brought some pieces to my job at lunchtime. Good Luck on your new adventure in Dublin!!!!

    Amanda Cahoon

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