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New Adventures: Moving to the Bay Area

Just this past Saturday Seth Godin posted a question on his blog: "How long between leaps?" This question comes at a perfect time for me, as my husband Jonathon and I recently decided to relocate to the Bay Area.  He was offered a fantastic opportunity and we've decided to make the leap. So, to answer Seth Godin's question: about 5 years between leaps, thanks for asking!

Leaping into a new adventure is exciting, yet scary!  Photo ©    Hamad AL-Mohannna

Leaping into a new adventure is exciting, yet scary! Photo © Hamad AL-Mohannna

New Adventures Always Come with a Little Heartbreak

As exciting as it is to leap into a new adventure, this one comes with a little heartbreak and, of course, a healthy dose of fear of the unknown.

Glass Elements was born here in Seattle in 2008. My glass work was just a hobby back when we lived in DC, and only became a real business when I started my Etsy shop after moving to Seattle.  In the span of 5 years, it's grown from a small closet studio in our first rental, to the spare room in our second and now has expanded to take over the basement of our house. 

With this move, I'll be searching for a studio space outside of our home and downsizing as well.  It'll be liberating to clear out the things I've collected that I haven't really been using, yet daunting to find the perfect space to rebuild my studio space in our new city.

Just physically moving my studio isn't the only thing on my mind. It's always sad and a little scary to leave behind your friends and your support network.  The support of my local etsy team, etsyRAIN, and in particular, the amazing friends I made from being involved with the group were instrumental in making Seattle feel like home. 

Huge thanks & hugs to Marlo, Kayce, Heidi, Mary & Dave, and Becky (and countless others!) for the continued support and for Just Being Awesome. From what I've heard of the Bay Area, I am hopeful that I can find a community of artists and the perfect studio space to start over.  If you have any tips for our transition, I'd love to hear them... Want to visit with me before I leave the area? 

Find me at these upcoming shows as I finish out my summer season and before I load the car and write the note...


  • Thanks, Beth!

    Marja Huhta
  • How exciting/scary! The Bay area is so wonderful — I am sure you will settle in just fine!

  • Congratulations, Marja!! I’m so jealous – I lived in San Francisco for a few years a long time ago and it remains my favorite city of all time. I think it’s time for me to schedule a visit. I miss it.

  • I say, YAY for change and exciting new opportunities! Even though I’m really going to miss you, I know you will make the most of this adventure. You will always have a place to stay if you come back north ♥

  • Wow! What a wonderful leap to the Bay Area! They are lucky to have you!

    Christine Stoll Jewelry/Kathy O Jewelry

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